The Power of Your Voice

The Power of Your Voice

Life, as we know it, around the world, changed forever in 2020.  It's not unfair to say that life for us in the US has been changing steadily over the past four years.  Depending on where you sit, you may see it as better or worst.  We try to avoid politics at Act Earth Wise but with an election just eight days away, and I believe it essential to remind our readers that voting is how your voice is heard.  I reached out to my dear friend Nadine Blochberger to add clarity to the power you have with your voice.  She is the CEO of Imagimo, a consultant, life coach, visionary generalist, and draws on over 18 years of corporate leadership, marketing and communication expertise.

It doesn't seem very easy to stay mentally and emotionally healthy in  an increasingly complex and splintered world. With all the ongoing turbulences - especially this year 2020 - fear and anxiety are on the rise. Fear of death, fear of uncertainty, the feeling of powerlessness or judging ourselves, and feeling guilty that somehow, we have to know we should have the answers.  We have to know precisely how the future looks. 

What is the crucial factor driving unease?

The problem, the human mind doesn’t like surprises. We don't fight against mammoths anymore but against our own emotions. As we are consistently under stress, we have no time to deal with our emotions. We avoid having conversations with loved ones or our manager or become aggressive in our communication defending our narrow-minded opinions for fear of causing conflict.

Many of us are alone at home. And these vague and uncertain times amplify our emotions, which is normal because our carefully instilled worldview is being thrown upside down at the moment.

During these times, it is easy to look for someone or authority to lead us and tells us exactly what to do or where to go. Someone who tells us everything will be ok as we want to feel safe again.

The virus of our time is not what you think. The biggest virus of our time is the messages that suggest we are not being good enough.  A feeling of not being worthy, the constant need to prove ourselves to others, or think we are just a single individuum with zero influence.

Can we allow ourselves to make decisions we postponed so often in our life? Although they ask us to leave our comfort zone?

Maybe that's exactly what this world needs right now, listen to our emotions, listen to our hearts. Most people feel resistance to that truth, but our heart has leadership capability. No doubt, we rely too much on our minds to make decisions and then often regret them.

What are the possible strategies to respond?

The upcoming weeks will set the undertone for 2021, and it can determine the risks and routes to be taken for the coming year and beyond.

This year more than ever, it's critically important not to let other people tell us where to go or decide for us, even if we are confused and do not know where to go yet. It is essential to stand by our convictions, to not let other people's mother us, try to decide for us, and push their agenda upon us, even if they are deeply convinced that they are doing the right thing. If you don't know where to find your innate power and self-reliance and feel more centered in yourself, this is a start:

  1. Accept what is, don’t resist:
    • What can you control? What not? Why do you need certainty?
  2. Slow down, push reset:
    • How can you create space for yourself? What do you need right now? How can you value yourselves more? How can you stay in your integrity?
  3. Feel all the feelings, don’t suppress. (it’s ok to be anxious)
    • What do you feel? Is it really yours or projected from others onto you?
  4. Release mental difficulties and heavy emotions through bodily movement:
    • dancing, exercise, walking, yoga, jumping, etc.
  5. Trust yourself. Get clear what matters most to you;
    • What are your values? How do you imagine your future? Is it self-serving only or a mutually beneficial direction for others too?
  6. Be creative, be curious, reinvent yourself:
    • What is your Art? How do you like to express your unique self? Speak it out loud, paint it, write or sing about it.
  7. Use intellect + intuition to solve problems:
    • What can you do with what you have right now? How can you support yourself and others?

You know best what's right for you! The answers you are looking for aren’t out there!
There are certain times in life where it is better to stay silent. And there are moments in life where it is time for self-expression. Speaking up using our voice to find inspiration and joy for ourselves, to communicate our thoughts and feelings. Get over being shy and quiet. Stop hiding and choose and speak what matters for us.

Life is uncontrollable. It is a global paranoia to think we can control everything and everyone in this world. But this doesn't make us powerless. We can control certain things through our daily decisions -  what we say, think, create, what we eat, where we buy items from, how we lead our company, what information we consume, how we respond to people and situations.

This is what self-leadership means, to take care and responsibility for our own life. This is what it means to stay mentally and emotionally, and physically healthy. We live in a society, a system, which isn't as broken as it's just not appropriate for our time anymore. It's outworn. It's dirty. It needs a clean-up.  It's time to create anew.  We are part of this system, so we must start with ourselves if we want to change it.  Remember, there is power in your voice.

We live in a society, a system, which isn't as broken as it's just not appropriate for our time anymore. It's outworn. It's dirty. It needs a clean-up.  It's time to create anew.  We are part of this system, so we must start with ourselves if we want to change it.  Remember, there is power in your voice.

Nadine resides in Munich, Germany, and can be reached at  Imagimo provides individuals and businesses with tools to challenge conventional conditioning and expectations and reinvent themselves for an ever-changing world.

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