UV-C Germicidal FAQs


Question: Are UV-C products safe?

UV-C technology, although they require safety precautions to avoid repeated exposure to the skin that can result in burning, similar to sun burns, they can be used safely.  However,  UV-C exposure to the eye can cause acute or long term photokeratitis, damage to the eyes.  Some manufacturers design products  to turn-off if aimed towards the face but we recommend the use of UV goggles or UV ANSI Z87 rated glasses if used regularly or in a commercial environment.  It's important to note that while some products manufactured include some level of child-safety control, these devices should never be used, or be accessible to children to avoid injuries.

Question: Are your products effective?

Answer: We work hard to source products from reputable companies.  Companies that have completed lab testing of their products, yet, testing is typically performed in a controlled environment.  UV-C lights do kill or sterilize harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and mold, but many variable impact to what degree.  These variables can range from proximity to the object, duration, light intensity and consistency.   In our personal lives at Act Earth Wise, we use these devices to compliment the use of cleaning products and other best practices to effectively protect ourselves from colds and flus.


Question: Are UV lights safe?

Answer: While you may discover safety warnings on some of our suppliers’ products you should know that UV lights are safe when used properly. You may be familiar with UV lights if you’ve ever used a tanning bed.  You would never enter a tanning bed without wearing protective eyewear, nor would you stay longer than recommended, that's because UV light can be harmful to the skin and to your eyes.  Never shine the light into your, others or pet’s eyes.  And avoid extended direct exposure to the skin or the fur of a pet.


Question: How Long will my device last?

Answer: Each manufacturer has different estimates for the effective life of their products.  We liken them to a top-quality flashlights.  Your device should last you for years if cared for responsively.  However, light a flashlight, the battery powered devices will lose effectiveness as the batteries weaken.  We recommend replacing the batteries regularly if you use the device frequently to insure you’re getting the maximum performance out of your device.


Question: Will a UV sterilization device kill 100% of viruses and bacteria?

Answer: No, UV light devices are just another tool you can use to aide in the protection of yourself and family from bacterial and viral pathogens.


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