Travel Solutions

Whether you travel for pleasure or are a business traveling professional, you’ve got plenty to think about when planning for a trip.

The average business traveler makes 6.8 trips per year.  That’s at least 7 different hotels, 14 different flights and countless lounges and lobbies along the way. Each stop offering the opportunity to touch surfaces or handle devices that may contain germs and other pathogens that can cause everything from colds, to upset stomachs, to the flu. 

Studies have proven that UV-C technologies can be used to reduce or eliminate many harmful microorganisms typically found on planes, in airports, hotel rooms and public transportation.  

At Earthwise UV™ we source and develop a wide variety of UV-C products that effectively kill or sterilize microorganism associated with mites, mold, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. 

We provides a comprehensive line of portable UV-C germicidal products that are compact, stylish and effective.