UV-C Technologies



At home, at work and while traveling you are continually in contact with microorganisms and viral and bacterial germs.  These pathogens are airborne, found on surfaces you touch or items you use everyday.  Public transit systems, restaurants and cafes, retail locations, hotels and everywhere else people gather, or visit frequently.  Organizations that apply practices to sanitize commonly touched items or an entire room isn't efficient or practical after use.  We work with light scientist and clinical research labs to understand the impact germicidal UV-C and other technological solutions can be utilized to help in the battle to reduce or eliminate exposure and the potential negative effects germs and microorganisms may have our ourselves, families, customers and employees.




Traditional cleaning products can be effective but often include harmful chemicals and use nonrenewal plastic containers. Our mission is to continual look for solutions to problems that minimize plastic waste. Germicidal UV-C light frequencies, when used properly, can be complimentary, requiring less chemical based products or an effective alternative to traditional disinfectants and antimicrobial agents that might be applied to non-living items and surfaces.  Cleaning agents found in these products can be bioactive resulting health risk and the environmental populants. 

UV-C technology, although they require safety precautions to avoid repeated exposure to the skin that can result in burning, similar to sun burns, they can be used safely.  However,  UV-C exposure to the eye can cause acute or long term photokeratitis, damage to the eyes.  Some manufacturers design products  to turn-off if aimed towards the face but we recommend the use of UV goggles or UV ANSI Z87 rated glasses if used regularly or in a commercial environment.  It's important to note that while some products manufactured include some level of child-safety control, these devices should never be used, or be accessible to children to avoid injuries.





We work with light scientist who have experience developing products based on light technology. It led us to explore and invest in companies that manufacture UV products that can help to reduce plastic and offer a cleaner clean.  We have been developing our own UV-C products, based on low pressure Mercury lamps sourced and manufactured by US supplier, ,however, the recent outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in extreme delays product availability to UV test lab capacity with availability being quoted at 15+ weeks. In the interim we will continue to source effective products from around the world to meet the needs of our customers.