UV Disinfection Box | Mini Ozone Sterilization Cabinet

$179.99 $199.99

Mini Ozone Sterilization Cabinet for Private and Professional Use
Ideal for professional tools, personal items, and sterilization of masks for reuse.

Product Overview

    • 9W 110v US Plug
    • Ultraviolet disinfection, make use of ultraviolet light waves sterilization ability, irradiation changes DNA structures to achieve sterilization of microorganisms and harmful pathogens.
    • UV-C disinfection utilizes germicidal UVC to attack the cell DNA  of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, rendering them incapacitated.
    • Applicable scope: towel, toothbrush, clothes, hairdressing tools, underwear, masks, wallets, and other personal devices or commonly shared items.
    • Ozone disinfection: the oxidation of oxygen atoms to destroy the structure of the microbial membrane, to achieve sterilization.
    • Ozone can deteriorate some surfaces. e.g. plastic and finishes with extended repeat usage, monitor the items you sterilize regularly.
    • Suitable for hair salons, clinics, and nail art shops, or personal usage for safe and reliable cleaning.