Hybrid 150W LED and UV-C Upper Room Light Sterilizer

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The GK20-150W is an upper room air sanitizing smart fixture designed for commercial, medical, and educational facilities where safely eliminating airborne pathogens which people are present is critical. 

The GK20 provides four sides of upper room radiation and leverages industry-standard 253.7nm UVC purification light, programmable energy-efficient LED lighting, and an integrated fan to air safely.  The unit draws in the air and sanitizes it with the UV lights before returning it to the room.  

The device is tested and certified for effectiveness against airborne pathogens and maintains UL, FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications.

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 Proven Germicidal Protection
Reduce colds and cases of flu with a commercial-grade UVC light (254nm) which safely disinfects the ceiling space and circulates sanitized air throughout a room. 

Award-Winning Lighting
GK has been producing commercial lighting since 2006 and LED technology for the past 10 years.  GK's lights are consistently recognized for their product quality, excellence, and innovations and in 2020 won the Reddot Award for its LED technology.  The Hybrid LED light produces 150 watts with 5 levels of brightness from 20% to 100% power and 3 CCT settings (3000k/4000k/5000k).  Energy-efficient, reliable and comes with a 3-year warranty.

 Air-flow Management System
Three powerful fans increase air circulation and air disinfection. These fans circulate the upper room sterilized air throughout the environment at approximately 50 CFM per fixture. 

Ease of Use
The GK Hybrid Direct LED/UVC Sterilizing Light can be managed with a remote control allowing a user to control multiple fixtures simultaneously.  Alternatively, the units can be managed with an adjustable wall controller.  Powered with 110V or 220V

    •  Air purification UVC germicidal troffer light

       Wattage: 150W 

       Voltage: 100V-277V AC

       Product Size: L603*W603*H142.8 mm OR L595*W595*H142.8 mm


       CCT selectable: 3000K/4000K/5000K

       Brightness adjustable: 20% to 100%

       1 unit built-in centrifugal fan, fan speed adjustable: 1 to 3

       1 piece digital screen

       Accessory: one-piece remote control

       Installation: embedded installation, Hanging

       Certificate: UL, FDA,FCC & CE,RoHS

       Warranty: 1 year for UVC, 3 years for LED