U32 UV Disinfection and LED Ceiling Light

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The GK-U32 High Bay Disinfection Light utilizes germicidal spectrum UVC LED lights and has been tested effectively against a broad spectrum of viral and bacterial pathogens.  The devices are UL, CE and RoHS approved and meet the US EPA safety standards for disinfecting products.

These energy-efficient LED lights can replace any standard 6' ceiling light fixture offering 3 lighting powers and safe UV air sanitization.   

According to the lighting application requirements of the actual environment, you can choose to match the conventional acrylic covers in the market to increase the light distribution and reduce glare.

    • Through the centrifugal force of the fan, the dirty air with pathogens, mold, and other airborne germs are drawn from the surrounding room into the light fixture.  When the air passes through the relatively closed disinfection chamber, it is purified by the  UVC  light and then discharged from the lower part of the light body to complete a cycle of disinfection.

    • The light is equipped with a UV LED  energy-concentrating flat layer device.  The light is hanging-installed on the ceiling. The indoor air convection effect caused by the fan inside the light is used to quickly draw the bacteria and viruses floating in the air into the UV  light, achieve the rapid disinfection of bacteria and viruses, and achieve the purpose of Man-machine coexistence.

    • UVC can destroy the DNA and  RNA of microorganisms, causing them to lose their ability to reproduce and then die, achieving the effect of disinfection! (Bacterial  structure: DNA + cell membrane;  virus structure: RNA + protein  shell)

    • Suitable for supermarkets, shops, warehouses, schools, gyms, office buildings  

    • Power:130W

    • Led UVC wattage:6W

    • Led white light wattage:120W

    • Luminous efficiency:145lm/w

    • Input voltage:100V-277V  Photobiological safety level

      (20cm from the light surface): RG0  

    • UVC wavelength:275nm

    • Installation Way: Hanging installation

    • Dimension:188mm*188mm*161.5mm  (7.4"x7.4"x6.4")

    • Warranty:2 years for the whole light  

    • Certification:CUL/UL/CE/DLC/FCC/Rohs

    Shipping may take 4-6 weeks.