Kinyo Personal Desktop Air Purifier and Odor Eliminating Machine

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Personal Air Purifier for the desk, office, or home!

The Kinyo AD-50 Air Purifier and Odor Eliminating Machine is a portable odor-removing, germ, and allergen air purifier with a washable filtration unit. Tested and proven to eliminate up to 95% of odors and 98% of airborne biological pathogens like bacteria and viruses.  

Its compact size and great performance make it a perfect gift!

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The Kinyo AD-50 is a small but powerful and effective air purifier designed to remove odors, dust, germs, gases, and smoke from smaller spaces. Designed by Kinyo and leveraging many of the same technologies as the Kinyo commercial / medical-grade air purifiers, the AD-50 provides easy portability for use at the home or work office, bathroom, vehicle, camper, or any small space up to 150 square feet.


The unit eliminates up to 99% of germs suspended in the air, and 99% of dust, smoke, and particles down to PM2.5. Sleep with the device bedside to wake up without the congestion and puffy eyes associated with pollen, pollution, and other allergens.

 The device includes a lithium battery affording up to 2 hours of run time, making it ideal for eliminating odors and germs in a car, camper, or boat.  It can be plugged into a standard 110V wall outlet and run continuously, timed, or automatically turn on when someone enters the space with its PIR motion sensor. 

Product Overview:

  • Sterilize and deodorize without the need to replace filters
  • Utilizes highly charge ESD electro-static and ionic filter technology
  • Easy to operate with a single on/off switch and three fan control speeds
  • Quiet and energy-efficient
  • Safe to use while people and pets are in the same space
  • Ideal for spaces from 100 to 150 square feet
  • Highly efficient removal rate (95% of ammonia)
  • Easy to operate with a single on/off switch and three fan control speeds. 

The system uses a patented high voltage electro-static filtering technology, internally generated and managed ozone to eliminate odors, and a plasma catalytic filtration system to remove chemical compounds.

The washable filtration unit eliminates the need for costly filter replacements.


 Product Highlights:

  • FRESH AIR ALMOST ANYWHERE: The stylish and compact design means it looks great anywhere and fits almost any place. The AD-50 is perfect for the office to continually clean the air around you from germs and other pathogens in the air. Its portable and compact size easily fits on the corner of your desk, delivering fresh air throughout the day. The unit also includes an energy-saving motion sensor which allows the user to set the device to only work when someone is in the space. It's the perfect high-tech gift idea for the person that doesn't want to think about technology or replace filters. Just push a single button, and the AD-50 starts delivering sterilized, cleaner-smelling air in minutes.
  • TWO FILTERING TECHNOLOGIES: Sterilize and deodorize without the need to replace filters. The first stage (ESD powers a high voltage, electro-static purification filtering system. The system leverages high voltage to charge and capture particulates and microorganisms, attracting them to an electrode plate. In the second phase, chemical filtering passes the air through an ionic plasma catalytic filter (similar to a catalytic converter used in a combustion engine car to reduce toxic gases). The second filter is designed to eliminate airborne chemicals associated with ammonia and other airborne pollutants; this filter creates ozone to assist in the purification process and then eliminates it within the device, making the unit entirely safe for use in a small room or vehicle.

  • SIMPLE TO USE & PORTABLE: Using the AD-50 is easy to operate with a single on/off switch and three fan control speeds. The stylish and compact design means it looks great anywhere and fits almost any place. The low power consumption and low noise make it affordable to run quietly and energy-efficient.
  • NO FILTER CHANGING: The AD-50 comes with a washable filtration unit that eliminates the need for costly filter replacements.


    • Power: 8W,
    • Size:110*208mm,
    • Voice<40dB,
    • Air volume:50m3/h,
    • Removal of Ammonia 95%
    • Removal Rate of smelly air ≧90%
    • Germ kill rate ≧99%
    • Formaldehyde ≧94%
    • Model: KY-ADS-50H
    • Battery: 5000mAh Li
    • Standby: 3.5H
    • Human Sensor distance≧ 1M