Smart Business Solutions

It wasn’t long ago that you use to have to pay for WiFi at a hotel or coffee shop, now you make the decision of where you stay when you travel and what coffee shop you frequent based on free WiFi.
Consumers will look for the same in the businesses and establishments they select in the future. Certainly, organizations will employ individuals dawning white uniforms with spray bottle in hand to address the eminent germaphobia which will soon grip the entire planet.
Expect new technologies to play an important role in calming customers concerns as they implement products, services and experiences in the weeks, months and years ahead.
Business that implement Smart IoT technologies that increase the efficiencies of managing air purifiers, sanitizing lighting and filtering solutions or leverage network and sensor inputs to manage facilities teams will have a competitive operating advantage as well as a returning workforce that's confident the environment is clean and safe.  
The restaurant that switches to cashless payment solutions.  The hotel that advertises room sterilization after each visit.  And the retailer that uses UV-C devices to scan the clothes at the dressing rooms.  Whether it’s a casino, stadium, concert hall, salon, fitness, or most any business where people come in close proximity to others, frequently handle items or gather in large numbers will be viewed as a possible location for germs to spread.
At Earthwise UV™ we source or develop a wide variety of UV-C products that effectively kill or sterilize microorganism associated with mites, mold, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Talk to us about your specific business needs, if we don't have a solution for you, we're confident we can put you in contact with one of our solution partners that will