UV-C Exposure Times

I hope that everyone is doing ok during these challenging times.  I was speaking to a customer on my daily drive to the post office to deliver your packages and it reminded me of an old joke my dad use to tell. 

It’s about a cheap guy that had a bad tooth and didn’t want to pay to get it repaired. He finally went to a dentist and asked, “How much to pull this rotten tooth?” and the dentist responded “$200”.  He then asked, “how long will it take?”, and the dentist said “about 10 minutes”.  He responded with “that’s outrageous, $200 for 10 minutes”, and the dentist said “well if it’s the time that concerns you, I can take as long as you’d like.

My point, customers ask how long should I scan items?  The manufacturers and suppliers of these products give and print all types of numbers for all types of pathogens.

Personally, I’m a flip user and I scan my mask, glasses, wallet, and hat once back home.  I typically prop it up and let it scan the surfaces for minutes at a time.  Truth is, I just don’t know, so I scan as long as I can, often including an alcohol spray for items that aren't adversely effected.  It’s just another step I take to protect myself and my family as best I can.

As a policy in our company we don’t talk about Covid-19, we don’t sell products that stop the spread of Covid-19.  We do offer a line of products that can be used to kill germs.  Like other pathogens.  In time, companies will be able to test the effectiveness of UV-C lamps on Covid-19 like they have on previous coronaviruses.  The CDC provides excellent information about the differences, I encourage everyone to visit the site https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.