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ESD Air Purification Machine - Portable Allergy Protection

$149.99 $199.99

Perfect for work, home office, or any restroom. The ADS-50 is small but powerful and effective at removing pathogens, allergens, smoke, and odors from spaces with or without electricity (battery-powered model).

Product Overview:

  • Sterilize and deodorize without the need to replace filters
  • Utilizes highly charge electro-static and ionic filter technology
  • High efficient sterilization rates (over 99% of most bacterial and viral pathogens)
  • Easy to operate with a single on/off switch and 3 fan control speeds.
  • Quiet and energy-efficient
  • Safe to use while people and pets are in the same space.

    The KY-ADS-50 Air Purifier leverages some of the identical patented technology used in the Commercial/Medical Grade KY-APS-500 model.  Ideal for small rooms (up to 150 square feet) the ADS-50 filter's particle down to 0.1 microns. 

    The washable filtration unit eliminates the need for costly filter replacements.  The system uses a patented high voltage Ionic filtering technology, internally generated and managed ozone to kill bacterial pathogens, and a plasma catalytic filtration system to remove chemicals and odors.



    • Power: 5W,
    • Size:110*208mm,
    • Voice<40dB,
    • Air volume:50m3/h,
    • Removal Rate of smelly air≧90%
    • Germs kill rate ≧99%
    • Formaldehyde ≧94%
    • Model: KY-ADS-50M
    • Human Sensor distance≧ 1M
    • Model: KY-ADS-50H
    • Battery: 5000mAh Li
    • Standby: 3.5H
    • Human Sensor distance≧ 1M