Education and Community Center

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Ultraviolet Sterilizing Solutions For Education and Community Centers

Beyond the core building blocks of safe distancing, mandatory mask-wearing, and sound hygiene practices, what else can be done? 

Schools must implement new practices for students, teachers, and staff, to prevent the spread of disease. Expect schools to mandate health and safety plans, establish a pandemic team, conduct temperature reading, and utilize new sanitizing methods and equipment. 

An Integrated Approach

Every commercial application is different and we work with global suppliers to source the right
products for specific applications and industries. Our products include high powered UV-C room sterilizing lights and UV-C/Ozone surface and air purifiers with employee safety features. UV-C/Ozone disinfection boxes to sanitize equipment and devices commonly shared by patients and, for employee’s PPEs and personal devices. 

Solutions For:  

  • Day Cares 
  • Pre-Schools
  • K-12 Schools 
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Community Centers 

Clean Air For: 

  • Classrooms
  • Cafeteria and Kitchen 
  • Infirmary / Nurses Station 
  • Locker Rooms 
  • Faculty Break Rooms  

Talk to Us

We’ll discuss different sterilization products and approaches, traffic flow
and gathering areas, managing high touch items, meeting spaces, and the
applicability of the different technologies. Our goal is to help you develop
the right solution for your business?

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